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How can I work better with my PM?

How can I improve my visual design skills?

How can I give back to the design community?

Can you give me feedback on this project?

How should I spend my L&D budget?

Should I go to design school?

How can I get better at influence?

How can I build trust on my team?

How can I keep growing?

How can I break into design?

How can I get better at interviewing?

How can I inspire my team more effectively?

One of my reports isn't can I help them?

I'm feeling burnout

How do I tackle imposter syndrome?

When is the right time to hire?

Where do I get started building a design system?

How do I know I've found PMF?

Designing + building things is hard 😐

As a designer, it sometimes seems like you're expected to be good at everything, especially if you're the first designer on a team

so whether you’re just getting started in design or have been doing it for decades, everyone runs into challenges that could use an outside perspective.

I really love helping with that

I've done hundreds of one-on-one and group sessions working with people of different disciplines, experience levels, and backgrounds reflect on their goals and get to the next level in their work.

and I learn a lot through doing these too, like how to be a better manager and teammate


How can I sign up?


Schedule your first meeting, and we'll go from there. This first session is always free.

and if you’re a student, underrepresented in design/tech, or if cost would be a obstacle, it's free beyond that, too

For others, we may discuss an ongoing rate that lets us both invest in the relationship over time. We’ll discuss these details in our first conversation.

(many people are reimbursed through an company L&D budget—happy to talk through that, too)

Here's what people say next:

Vivian Tsang

James is one of the best people I’ve ever talked to.

I remember feeling absolutely terrified for my first design interview. In one session, he was able to alleviate so much of my interview anxiety and concerns about the design recruitment process. I appreciate that he not only gave me practical and actionable ways to improve my portfolio, but also took the time to understand me as a person.

I’ve spoken to James countless times now and the wealth of information and perspectives about design and life that he’s been able to offer each time is incredible. He’s helped me improve my design process, grow more confident in myself, and better understand different career levels. I ended up getting an internship offer for my first product design interview and also one of my top companies after that!

Thank you so much James!

Himanshu, VP of UXD at Centime

Great conversation with James. He has a wealth of insights and pointers to give on design, career, and life. Great person to talk to and he can be your sounding board and mentor.

He is very thoughtful in the way he articulates and explains his point of view—starting at a high level and then breaking into small parts so that it is easy to consume. I learned this technique from him. James, you probably don't know this yourself, but it's your unique asset.

Thanks for your time James

Lauretta Geraldo

AMAZING... and nobody should describe their experience any less than this. Definitely a mentor for Fridays. Great critique, he really knows how to throw the punches without them being offensive. So, you get honest feedback. He is attentive and tries to walk through all your work. I don't know how he manages to go that in such short time.

Would definitely recommend James

Anita Chauhan

James provided great feedback on my resume and portfolio. I finally found a mentor who provides clear, honest and actionable advise that makes sense. He also provided some useful resources and had a helpful attitude. I would highly recommend him.

Erica Tsou

My mentoring session with James was great.

He provided honest, concise, and direct feedback, and encouraged me to think more deeply about my design decisions, design biases, and showing my process. Although I had booked a 45 min session, James took the time to share his advice for nearly double the time.

It was a really insightful session and I will definitely reach out again in the future!


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How do mentorship and coaching differ?
Can I use my employer-provided L&D budget for this?
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