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Intercom on Marketing [EPUB, Kindle, PDF, + Audiobook]
By Intercom

Pressfarm can help accelerate your press/PR efforts

The agency Fictive Kin put together a guidebook on building marketing websites: Your Website Owes You Money [Guidebook]

Growth & Sales

Pretty much everything by Andrew Chen, fmr. VP of Rider Growth at Uber and now General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, but in particular a few noted below:

The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen
By Andy Raskin

Defining Growth Design: The Guide to the Role Most Startups are Missing [Article + Audio Interview]
First Round Review, based on an interview of Angel Steger, Director of Growth Design at Dropbox

Intercom has several great books on growth:

Email marketing for ecommerce
By Val Geisler • Published by Stripe Atlas

What Is a Modern Data Stack for Growth? — thanks to Keenan for this recommendation
By Arpit Choudhury, founder of Astorik • Published on the Amplitude Blog

Product management

The PM 🤝 Design Partnership
By Katie Dill, Head of Design at Stripe

Intercom on Product Management [EPUB, Kindle, PDF, + Audiobook]
By Intercom

Building a great product management organization
By Elad Gil  •  Published by Stripe Atlas

The Product Book (rec’ed by Zach—thanks!)
By Carlos González de Villaumbrosia and Josh Anon  •  Product School

To Launch or Not to Launch?
By Julie Zhou

Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making
By Tony Fadell

Customer support & success