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Counterprint might be the best design bookstore ever. Based in the UK but shipping worldwide.

One of the best places to find design books is the design section of the Rizzoli Bookstore. If you can, also go to the brick and mortar store IRL in NYC; you can easily spend hours browsing, leaving reluctantly only when security tells you they’re closing and yes, you really do have to leave now. Speaking from personal experience.

Museums are one of the best sources of design books. Check out bookstores at SFMOMA, NYC’s MoMA, the Cooper Hewitt, Poster House, to name a few

Many design books are published by one of a few big publishers, like MIT Press, Phaidon, and Taschen, and you can shop from them directly

Standards Manual has a physical location in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC

Some tech companies have their own imprint, like Stripe Press

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Designer Fund’s Resources.

Dense Discovery is an amazing newsletter that’s more like a weekly magazine. That’s no surprise as it comes from Kai Brach, who also made Offscreen (below). Check out the Dense Discovery archive of past issues—it’s a gold mine.

Offscreen [Print magazine that feels like a book]
Both by Kai Brach

Typewolf, and Typewolf’s list of typography resources
By Jeremiah Shoaf

The Looking Glass
Essays by Julie Zhuo, VP of Product Design at Facebook, with an emphasis on answering reader questions

UX Power Tools on Medium

Joe Smith’s “Study” page where he collects interesting things he’s read. Also check out his great weekly Wrap Ups, an awesome way “to close out each week and set teams up well for the following”.

UX Collective on Medium

d.MBA’s Resources page

A List Apart

The Futuress: “Feminism. Design. Politics. Where these three intersect, you will find Futuress.”

Signature Block is a great newsletter if you’re interested in starting a venture fund


UI Jar — “handpicked design inspiration for your real life projects”

Typewolf is great for web design inspiration, not just type

One of the best sources of web design inspiration are paid templates for platforms like Webflow